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Maths - Removing the Barriers!​

Welcome to the hidden web page of the spring 2017 morning course. The aim is to provide all the necessary slideshows, handouts and resources to enable delegates to deliver, share or cascade the information to colleagues back in school; indeed, many delegates have successfully done this with our Forum materials. Furthermore, it makes accessing resources and web links much easier, with everything stored in one place. Our copyright terms are that attending delegates are free to use the materials within their own school only. We hope you find this helpful!




The Video

Video 1.JPG Video 3.JPG

Setting up and getting the most from your in-house CPD training session

The videos (which can be streamed below) enable school leaders to provide high quality in-house CPD digital training to staff with maximum impact and flexibility, and minimal preparation and cost. 
Following the simple tips below on setting up and printing/collecting resources, will help to ensure your training runs smoothly and has the greatest impact on future practice.

You can decide whether you want to present your training during one half-day INSET session (2 and a half hours); or two shorter sessions (1 hour and 15 minutes each), perhaps covering two staff meetings. 
The video is presented in two parts below, allowing flexibility to suit your requirements:
Alternatively, if you would prefer to have the DVD version of the course rather than stream on-line, it is available at half-price (£49 + VAT) until the end of June 2017. Please go to our 'Training DVD' webpage here to order.

Video. Maths - Removing the Barriers. Part 1 of 2

Video. Maths - Removing the Barriers. Part 2 of 2​

Inclusive Learning North Ltd. are identified as the copyright author of this video and/or DVD (including its soundtrack and any other related content). Our copyright terms are that attending delegates are free to use the materials within their own school only and are authorised to show this video internally for educational use only. Any unauthorised broadcasting, public performance, copying, re-recording or transferring to other establishments will constitute an infringement of copyright. Selling, hiring, copying, lending or transfer without prior written consent prohibited. Permission must be obtained before redistributing. 


Dodecagon clock template.pdf

Dodecagon clock hands.pdf

Ranking activity.pdf

'Cuisenaire rods can be purchased directly from the Cuisenaire Company. They produce the original, larger sets and mini-sets. The larger sets are vital for some activities, such as moving into teens numbers where you require many more orange rods. However, the mini-sets are more suited to larger numbers of pupils all using Cuisenaire at the same time, being of a more practical size for school tables. They are also useful for pupils who may require permanent access to a set. Replacement Cuisenaire rods can also be purchased separately.

The important factor to consider when purchasing any rods from any manufacturer, is ensuring that they are stored in sectioned trays, rather than jumbled in a bag. Properly sectioned trays give better visuo-spatial support in understanding the relative size of the different rods, as well as creating greater likelihood that rods will not be lost! They must also conform to the original colours of Cuisenaire, to ensure consistency. A really good value mini-set that meets these criteria can be purchased from Viga; they do a lovely wooden set with 6 orange rods, stored in a sectioned tray, with a Perspex slide lid.'

Cuisenaire full sets and mini sets of rods, plus replacements, can be purchased at: 


Cuisenaire - replacement rods

Viga mini sets of rods can be purchased at:

Viga rods

Ronit Bird

Ronit Bird instruction videos can be found on You Tube. Just Google You Tube, then search Ronit Bird. You can subscribe to her page.
The Story of 8 can be found at:

You Tube - The Story of 8

Cambridge House


'If you're in need of further books and resources that support concrete and visual learning in maths, Cambridge House specialise in this aspect of maths.' 

Cambridge House - Maths

Cambridge House - Practical Maths Resources

Cambridge House also sell blank playing cards:

Cambridge House - Playing Cards

Following her visit to the 'Maths – Removing the Barriers' course, Sue Poirrette, who attends our Sandbach group, prepared this times tables template for her staff. She has very kindly offered it to be shared with others in the Inclusion Forum. 

Thank you Sue.​

Times Tables Template.docx


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