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Welcome to the hidden web page of the spring 2016 Inclusive Learning CPD. The aim is to provide all the necessary slideshows, handouts and resources to enable delegates to deliver, share or cascade the information to colleagues back in school; indeed, a number of delegates have successfully done this with our Forum materials. Furthermore, it makes accessing resources and web links much easier, with everything stored in one place. Our copyright terms are that attending delegates are free to use the materials within their own school only. We hope you find this helpful!


e_Handout_Inclusive Learning CPD Quality First Teaching for All.docx 


Inclusive Learning CPD Quality First Teaching for All.pdf


Additional_Resources_ILN_CPD Quality First Teaching for All.pdf


Course Resources

 Boy with tape on his face.pptx







Further Resources


You Tube - Using the spelling cards

You Tube - Using the reading cards

You Tube - Spelling irregular words

You Tube - Making a spelling card

You Tube - Making a reading card

You Tube - Cuisenaire 13

You Tube - Cuisenaire 9


Cognition and Learning Provision Map.docx

Communication and Interaction Provision Map.docx

Sensory Physical Provision Map.docx

Social Mental and Emotional Health Provision Map.docx

Spelling and handwriting practise sheet.docx

Number Bonds to 10.pdf


Further Reading

 Corbett Supporting Inclusive Education.pdf


Florian What Counts as Evidence of Inclusive Education.pdf

Inclusive Practice Report.pdf