Introducing ILOP and Quality First Teaching Strategies for Whole School Improvement



You may have arrived at this page because you have attended our training course on Quality First Teaching Strategies for Whole School Improvement. Click here to access the slides and resources associated with this course. You may also be interested in finding out more about ILOP to complement your training course.

You may have arrived at this page because you are interested in finding out more about ILOP.

Click here to find out more about ILOP.

Quality First Teaching Strategies for Whole School Improvement

We trust you have enjoyed the training course on Quality First Teaching Strategies. Here, you will find all the associated slides, handouts, resources and links to help you get the most from your training. Our copyright terms are that attending delegates are free to use the materials within their own school only.

Use the templates provided to create your own Quality First Teaching Strategies for other parts of the curriculum. The samples below will help you get started.

Quality First Teaching Strategies PowerPoint Slideshow

Quality First Teaching Strategies Blank Template

Understanding QFT Structure

Quality First Teaching Strategies Handout


Sample strategies from ILOP



Year 1

English Y1: Read and spell common exception words

Mathematics Y1: Count in 2s to 100


Year 2

English Y2: expanded noun phrases


Year 3

Mathematics Y3: Read, write, order, compare, count to 1000


Year 4

English Y4: Fronted adverbials


Year 5

Mathematics Y5: Comparing and recognising fractions

English Y5/6: Using a dictionary to check for spelling and meaning


Year 6

Mathematics Y6: Short division


For more strategies like these, visit ILOP below:


Introducing ILOP




Thank you for your interest in ILOP. We are delighted to show you round this exciting and innovative way of ensuring consistently high quality universal, inclusive teaching across your school. This is commonly known as Quality First Teaching (QFT) or High-Quality Teaching (HQT).

Our introductory tour takes 40 minutes. It aims to give you an overview of ILOP to help you and your colleagues understand how it can support staff towards whole school inclusive practice. You will find some examples of the Quality First Teaching Strategies above.




What is included?

  • Lesson strategies that promote inclusive teaching and learning in mathematics and English for all pupils, including those with SEND
  • Evidence-based intervention strategies to support gaps in attainment and promote catch-up
  • Strategies rooted in specialist teaching techniques and influenced by latest evidence of what works, adapted for mainstream and intervention classes
  • Printable resources with every strategy
  • Animated PowerPoint slides provided
  • 15% discount on mathematical Cuisenaire® rods
  • Substantial discounts on training from Inclusive Solutions
  • Discounts from PC Werth, providers of Soundfield systems
  • Guidance, tools and access to advice for SENCOS
  • Continually up-to-date and relevant

What ILOP users like about it

  • “I tried the handwriting [strategy] on Friday morning and am absolutely blown away by the results already. The children loved it!”
  • “They all really got it when we counted the door numbers”
  • “Wish I’d had ILOP years ago”
  • “We are up and running with the portal and we are finding it incredibly useful”

What you can expect

  • A portal that continually builds its content in response to the needs of teachers and learners, researched and written by Zena Martin, Consultant and associates
  • A range of Quality First Teaching Strategies, rooted in evidence-based practice, for all year groups 1-6 in English (word reading, writing transcription, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation) and mathematics, including downloadable resources and slideshows
  • Literacy and mathematics guidance for early years
  • A range of intervention strategies for individuals or groups who need to plug gaps in their learning in an intervention context
  • Guidance and tools for SENCOS and others at the strategic end of SEND provision
  • Signposting to other relevant websites, resources and training
  • A ‘Can’t find what you’re looking for?’ button on every page, allowing teachers and SENCOS to directly request strategies that are not yet on the portal
  • Quick and easy opportunities for teachers to feedback evaluations of the materials to ensure continued quality


Just £1 per pupil per year (based on DfE #on roll)


Terms and Conditions  

1. ILOP is only available as an annual subscription, payable at the beginning of the 12-month period, at a cost of £1 per pupil on roll in the school or academy, unless you have been granted a free trial or free access.
2. The number of pupils on roll must be taken from the DfE site, available at https://get-information-schools.service.gov.uk/
3. Each 12-month period begins from the date of invoice and will be renewed annually unless the school requests cancellation of the subscription from Inclusive Learning North Ltd at the time of renewal.
4. Only school employees are permitted access and usage of ILOP via their school email address. Personal email addresses will not be accepted. Our use and storage of email addresses is compliant with GDPR.
5. Strategies provided through the ‘Can’t find what you’re looking for?’ button will be sent directly to the user making the request and uploaded to the portal for the benefit of other users. Whilst we aim to provide as quick a response as possible, it may take up to 10 working days to respond to the request.
6.  At the end of any free trial period we will contact you for full name and email addresses for your whole school staff to continue with ILOP. You will also be given the option to discontinue with ILOP. If no cancellation request is received, an invoice will be generated.

Temporary amendment to Terms and Conditions
If you are registering for free access during the enforced school closure period, item 6 above will not apply. Instead, you will be sent an email at the end of the closure period asking if you would like your school to continue a paid subscription to ILOP. We will assume not, unless you proactively request a subscription.

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