Using Standardised and Cognitive Assessments – the Why, When and How!

Using standardised and cognitive assessments effectively to impact on pupil progress and outcomes.

Aims of the course

  • To appreciate the definition, range and purposes of standardised and cognitive assessments: when it’s good to use them and when it’s not.
  • To understand the vocabulary of standardised assessments: what the terminology means.
  • To know how to administer standardised assessments with fidelity: basic guidelines for test administration to secure reliable results (BPVS III, PhAB and YARC are used as example assessments in this course, but the principles covered are applicable to most assessments).
  • To know the qualifications required for the administration of different types of assessments: when you can do it yourself, and when you need someone more qualified.
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What makes a good EHC needs assessment application and when to apply for one

Perspectives on the EHCP journey to enhance practice

Aims of the course

The session is an overview of the Code of Practice to develop understanding of the difference between the spirit of the code and the statutory framework it outlines.

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