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Meta-cognition and Self-regulation

Welcome to the hidden web page of Metacognition and Self-regulation in Special Schools. The aim is to provide all the necessary slideshows, handouts and resources to enable delegates to deliver, share or cascade the information to colleagues back in school; indeed, a number of delegates have successfully done this with our Forum materials. Furthermore, it makes accessing resources and web links much easier, with everything stored in one place. Our copyright terms are that attending delegates are free to use the materials within their own school only. We hope you find this helpful!

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CPD Activity Resources
Metacognition Planning Tool
Metacognitive Talk 
Multisensory Repetition Cards 
Prompt Cards  
Reading cue cards





How-to secure knowledge in long-term memory using multisensory repetition cards

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A helpful overview of meta-cognition.
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Reciprocal Teaching for Reading Comprehension

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Lancashire High School

Action based Research project trialling Engagement Profiling systems, helped pupil with co-morbid conditions to be happier to engage in lessons for longer periods of time.

Lancashire High School

Use of Cloud based progress tracking with photos and video clips, provided strong evidence for updating EHCP outcomes with LA SEND team.