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Welcome , to the Inclusive Learning Online Portal (ILOP), designed to help every teacher be a confident teacher of pupils with SEND and, indeed, all pupils.


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Whole School Approaches that Raise Attainment in Spelling




Teach and reinforce GPCs in phonics

Spelling irregular words

Remedy letter reversals

Using a dictionary

QFTS template

EEF DIY Evaluation Guide

Specification outline for evaluation of intervention

Assessment for the Teaching Programme


Rising Stars GAPS

Inclusive Learning Online Portal (ILOP)

The Portal is now live!!

If your school hasn’t signed up yet to the Portal, join the ever growing number of schools that have…..see details below.

Online Portal update no. 1 (September 2019)
How to use and what is new on the Portal:
Online Portal update 1

We have just launched our Inclusive Learning Online Portal, including strategies, interventions and SENCO support.

Welcome to the Inclusive Learning Online Portal, designed to help every teacher be a confident teacher of pupils with SEND and, indeed, all pupils.

  • Lesson strategies that promote inclusive teaching and learning in mathematics and English for all pupils, including those with SEND
  • Evidence-based intervention strategies to support gaps in attainment and promote catch-up
  • Strategies rooted in specialist teaching techniques and influenced by latest evidence of what works, adapted for mainstream and intervention classes
  • Printable resources with every strategy
  • Animated PowerPoint slides provided
  • 15% discount on mathematical Cuisenaire® rods
  • Guidance, tools and access to advice for SENCOS
  • Continually up-to-date and relevant

Imagine if an online portal existed with a wealth of guidance, tools and access to advice for SENCOS.

Imagine if it were a place where teachers could have unlimited access to High Quality First Teaching Strategies, giving every teacher the confidence to be the inclusive teacher of all pupils, allowing access and participation by all and ensuring excellent pupil progress.

Imagine if it included a wealth of evidence-based intervention strategies targeting specific objectives of the curriculum that children have not yet mastered.

Imagine if it was offered at a price that any school could afford – large or small!

The cost is just £1 per pupil per year…..based on the number on the pupils on the DfE roll.


To book……please complete the form below:

Inclusive Learning Online Portal – booking form

and e-mail it back to us at [email protected]

All signed up schools will need to supply us with all school email addresses for all users that will require access to the portal.

What you can expect

  • A portal that continually builds its content in response to the needs of teachers and learners, researched and written by Zena Martin, Consultant
  • A range of Quality First Teaching Strategies, rooted in evidence-based practice, for all year groups 1-6 in English (word reading, writing transcription, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation) and mathematics, including downloadable resources and slideshows
  • Literacy and mathematics guidance for early years
  • A range of intervention strategies for individuals or groups who need to plug gaps in their learning in an intervention context
  • Guidance and tools for SENCOS and others at the strategic end of SEND provision
  • Signposting to other relevant websites, resources and training
  • A ‘Can’t find what you’re looking for?’ button on every page, allowing teachers and SENCOS to directly request strategies that are not yet on the portal
  • Quick and easy opportunities for teachers to feedback evaluations of the materials to ensure continued quality



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