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A.R.R.O.W. Aural-Read-Record-Oral-Write​

‘Colin Lane has for many years been refining his theory that hearing one’s own voice is a psychological key to much language comprehension and performance, that the cause of some children’s difficulty in learning to read and spell is having an indistinct or unattended ‘self-voice’, and that being able to record and play back their own voices can help some children make good progress. His system uses laptop computers with headphones to provide examples and exercises, and monitor children’s progress through his many-layered program.’

View the evaluation of ARROW’s impact at Dyslexia-SpLD Trust


I had the great pleasure of meeting with Dr. Lane to find out much more about his work and research, which I was able to present to the SEND Forum during summer 2016, along with the research studies into its effectiveness and impact. A.R.R.O.W. has repeatedly demonstrated remarkable impact on pupil progress in literacy and language.


Orthoptic Specific Learning Difficulties Clinic


Warrington Orthoptic department run a specialised clinic for children in main stream schools with specific learning difficulties. Children are referred into this clinic if they are struggling with reading, writing or if they are falling behind their expected levels at school. During the assessment, we look for any visual problems that may be contributing to any learning difficulties children may have.

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Orthoptic Department
Kendrick Wing, Warrington Hospital
Lovely Lane
01925 662772
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Kathryn Whitfield

Barrington Stoke

Barrington Stoke was founded by Patience Thomson and Lucy Juckes, a mother and daughter-in-law team with personal experience of the way that dyslexia can lock children out of the world of books and reading. Together they came up with the idea of books that would open the door to more young people and Barrington Stoke was born. They developed a dyslexia-friendly font, pioneered the use of tinted paper and began to commission short, achievable books from an amazing range of authors including Michael Morpurgo and Malorie Blackman.

Barrington Stoke were invited to speak with our Forum about the advantages of Barrington Stoke books for struggling or reluctant readers, and each delegate received a free book to take away. It is rare that a publisher invests so much in getting the presentation and construction of books and writing so specifically right for such readers, and using such high-profile authors who write books exclusively for Barrington Stoke.​

Contact Barrington Stoke by phoning 0131 225 4113 or via their website here

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