Inclusion Forum Essentials

NEW!!  Inclusion Forum Essentials:

CPD morning & SEND afternoon 

2018-2019 academic year


In response to the tightening of school budgets and at the request of many schools, we are pleased to announce that our new, value-driven Inclusion Forum Essentials is coming to both Wakefield and Winsford, Cheshire.


Our new venues are:

Wakefield: The Children’s Centre, Sharlston Community School, Hammer Lane, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DH on 4th December, 12th February & 21st May (all Tuesday’s).

Winsford, Cheshire: St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Woodford Lane, Winsford CW7 2JS on 17th October, 13th February & 22nd May (all Wednesday’s).


Headline details of all next year’s Inclusion Forum Essentials are below:


The Autumn Term morning CPD Course:  

Improve Maths Progress by Effective Use of Cuisenaire

More great ways to use these effective and affordable concrete resources to learn maths at all ages and stages:

  • Not realised the power of Cuisenaire to build strong number sense?

  • Have Cuisenaire but not sure what to do with it?

  • Heard of Cuisenaire but not sure what the point is?

  • Using Cuisenaire but want more ideas?

    Well….this course is for you!

The Autumn Term afternoon SEND Forum for SENCOs, Inclusion Managers and others interested in the strategic lead of SEND in their school, includes:

Interventions that Make a Difference

  • Getting the balance between delivering interventions and remaining inclusive

plus…..all our usual ‘SEND updates’ and ‘next steps in SEND



Now only £40 for the half day morning CPD course or afternoon SEND forum…..or £80 for all day (both sessions and light lunch).

Or book all three full-days for just £220.

Many delegates find it useful to attend for the full day, combining the morning CPD course and SEND Forum together.

Some schools send a different delegate in the morning to the afternoon. Some come for just the morning or afternoon. You choose what suits your needs the best.


Click here to see below what our delegates think of our Inclusion Forums.


Booking form attached…

Inclusion Forums Essentials Booking Form – 2018-2019


please complete and send to …

….or e-mail us at and let us know your requirements.

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An increasing number of schools and clusters now prefer to invite Zena into their school to deliver courses, staff training, INSET days or a package of support directly with staff……for further details please visit here