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Morning CPD: 

The Vital and the Valuable in Visual Communication Strategies
Getting the best impact from now, next & other visual communication aids
Delivered by Zena Martin, with guest speaker Neale Hayward-Shott from OurBoards

Aims of the course
• To develop a deeper understanding of why visual communication is essential for some children and desirable for all.
• To explore and problem-solve the effective usage of visual communication strategies and resources.

Target audience
• Class teachers
• Teaching assistants
• SEND leaders and teachers

One of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding aspects of teaching is, arguably, the inclusion of children and young people who appear to be the hardest to teach. One of the barriers that these learners sometimes face is difficulties in processing and understanding verbal communication. You may recognise these learners in your classroom: those who never remember or follow the instructions, those who struggle to settle into the next lesson, those who take seemingly forever to start a task, or those who become so stressed and overwhelmed by the demands placed on them that a meltdown, anger or aggression becomes the result.

Visual communication strategies have been recognised as a proven and effective tool to meet many of these learners’ needs, from early years to adulthood. They are also recognised more widely, in both education, commerce and industry as being effective ways of guiding human behaviour and giving a sense of independence and control to users. However, we only see the efficacy of visual communication when it is implemented correctly and adapted responsively to need. ‘Better communication leads to fewer meltdowns, less stress, more confidence and improved behaviour and encourages positive relationships in all areas of life.’ (OurBoards, 2020).

Zena Martin explores the underlying evidence that supports why visual communication is essential for some learners and beneficial for all learners. She is joined by Neale Hayward-Shott, Director of OurBoards, who provides a problem-solving workshop to explore the most effective practical ways of using these strategies. All delegates in venues will receive a Now/ Next OurBoard to take away and start using immediately on return to school.

This course is for you if:
• you recognise these behaviours in the classrooms where you teach, support or lead,
• you have never used visual communication strategies and would like to know more,
• you already use visual communication strategies but don’t feel you’re getting the best from them,
• you would like to see greater consistency in the use of these strategies across classrooms and departments,
• you would like to see more effective inclusion of children with SEND and other learning and behaviour needs.


Afternoon SEND Forum:

Continuing the Momentum of Relationships with Parents Beyond the Pandemic
Parental engagement including Solihull approaches
Delivered by Cole Andrew

Target audience
– school Leaders (Primary, Secondary and Early Years)
– class teachers / Department Heads (all phases)
– family liaison / support workers
– Secondary Pastoral teams

It is all about relationships! One of the key aspirations of the Lamb Enquiry and subsequent SEND Reforms 2015 was to improve parental confidence in the provision and support systems schools utilise with pupils that have additional learning needs. So, this course considers practical and evidence-based methods to help build trust, mutual respect and share the same vision for each child’s education with their parent(s)/carer(s). Practical strategies, linked to examples such as the Solihull Approach, will help us to establish mutual understanding of each other’s perspectives to overcome difficulties we have in moving forward together. Many schools have found the relationship between teachers and parents has improved significantly due to the remote learning during lockdowns; are there lessons we can learn here to cement what has worked well in building effective working relationships with parents?
All delegates will have an outline of training package to support teachers/staff in their engagement with parents and agree plans of action.

This course if for you if …
– You see parental engagement as a crucial element to ensuring pupils maximise their educational outcomes
– You are interested in evidence-based strategies for overcoming barriers to effective dialogue with parent(s)/carer(s)
– You have staff who feel they have tried and failed to connect well with certain parent(s)/carer(s)

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