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Inclusive Learning morning CPD and afternoon SEND Forums

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Summer Term 2022

Morning CPD Course:

Emotion Coaching

Developing social & emotional communication skills

Presented by Cole Andrew



Aims of the course

  • To promote positive behaviour, wellbeing and resilience in children and young people
  • To understand how to support children and young people to become more emotionally literate
  • To explore an evidence-based toolkit that offers an alternative to behaviourist approaches
  • To better understand what children and young people’s behaviour communicates and how to effectively respond to it

Target audience

  • Early years, primary and secondary leaders
  • Designated Mental Health Leads
  • Behaviour and pastoral leads
  • Specialist Provisions
  • SENCOs
  • Teachers and teaching assistants


This course offers an introduction to Emotion Coaching, developed by the Gottman Institute. Emotion Coaching (EC) is a universal communication strategy which supports children and young people to self-regulate and manage their stress responses. Originally noticed as an effective way parents communicated with their children around challenging behaviours; Emotion Coaching has been shown to be highly successful in educational settings too.

The course includes straightforward descriptions and practical tips, with signposting to resources and case studies to illustrate its practical application in educational settings. It supports adults to promote empathetic responses to challenging behaviours and situations, helping children and young people to understand their emotions and learn to manage them and their behaviour in the longer-term.

Delegates will leave this course equipped with sufficient understanding to effectively apply some of the principles of Emotion Coaching into their practice and settings. Delegates will also have opportunity to register for the full 2-day accredited course* delivered in the autumn term, receiving a 10% discount on the course price.

*The 2-day accredited course will be offered at a choice of venues and online. The 10% discount offer is only for bookings made on or before 31st July 2022.


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Afternoon SEND Forum:

‘It’s the Relationship that Heals’ (Yalom, 2012)

Fostering a relationships policy

Presented by Zena Martin and Cole Andrew



Aims of the course

  • To build understanding of the power of relational practice in securing a culture of strong and effective learning behaviours
  • To help leaders evaluate the effectiveness of their own relational practice
  • To support leaders in staff development in relational practice

Target audience

  • SENCOs & other leaders of SEND across all phases
  • Designated Mental Health Leads
  • Teachers and leaders in specialist schools and settings
  • Behaviour and pastoral leads


‘A strong focus on relational practice’ has been identified as a significant contributor towards an inclusive and nurturing school (RSA, 2021). This is particularly critical for children and young people experiencing trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

Case studies of settings that adopt such practices and policies are demonstrating positive outcomes for pupils, along with high standards of learning and behaviour.  Most settings can identify embedded elements of strong relationships among the school community, but some have taken this a step further on to embed relational practice more explicitly into every aspect of the curriculum and culture, challenging previous behaviourist approaches.

In this session, delegates will analyse the elements of their own practice that are already contributing to positive learning cultures, examine case studies and come away with staff development tools to support the journey towards inclusive and nurturing practice.

This session is for you if…

  • You feel your current behaviour policies are not working for all pupils
  • You are seeing increase in the number of pupils struggling to self-regulate and expressing themselves through challenging behaviour
  • You want to achieve positive outcomes post-lockdowns


Plus, all our usual SEND updates including:

  • My SEND Issue…

SEND Review: Right Support, Right Place, Right Time

A critical analysis of the proposed future national standards for SEND provision 

  • Next Steps in SEND

Up for debate! Developing understanding and responses to the SEND Green Paper

Plus…Advice and support to prepare leaders for future change and development


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