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2021-2022 Academic Year – Inclusion Forums

Inclusive Learning morning CPD and afternoon SEND Forums

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Morning CPD Course:

The Curriculum through a SEND Lens

Principles of planning and delivery for Primary subject leaders and Secondary Heads of Department

Presented by Cole Andrew

Aims of the course

  • To provide delegates with key training to share with their classroom practitioners
  • For curriculum leaders to understand how to evaluate the impact of their subject for pupils and students with SEND
  • Provide practical strategies for applying relevant research around metacognition to designing the content, pedagogy and sequence of learning in subjects

Target audience

Secondary Heads of Subject Departments

Primary Subject Leaders

Specialist Provisions

Curriculum Leaders

Head teachers



Headteacher standards (version 2020) and the Code of Practice (2015) reinforce the legal expectation that all teachers and leaders in schools/colleges share equal responsibility for the leadership of the curriculum for students and pupils with SEND. We have all got our heads around the research underpinning the current OFSTED Inspection Framework (Research and analysis overview: Education inspection framework (2019)).

Rather than practice Deep Dives, let’s get it right for all pupils first time.

How do you evaluate the effectiveness of your subject on learners with barriers to learning?

What is the impact of current perspectives on reading as the key to accessing learning across all subjects, increasing adult life chances and improving curriculum access for pupils with SEND?

This course will provide recommended strategies to apply back in schools/colleges to strengthen subject leadership in the light of the research base around metacognition and building impact on long term memory. It will give you the opportunity to reflect on the application to your setting and to engage in dialogue with other settings.

This course is for anyone with responsibility for subject leadership, design and impact!

Booking details, dates, venues & on-line here


Afternoon SEND Forum:

Myth Busting Sensory Strategies Big and Small

Are you getting the most out of your multisensory rooms and sensory strategies?

Joanna Grace, The Sensory Projects (virtual)

Facilitated by Zena Martin and Cole Andrew


Aims of the course

In this workshop, Joanna Grace, renowned specialist, trainer, researcher, TEDx speaker and author, explores current practice in multi-sensory rooms, improvised spaces and sensory strategies. Together, we will review the research and identify the fundamental principles and latent potential in these approaches. This is an opportunity for those working in specialist settings to reflect on and develop the quality of their sensory provision, and for those working in mainstream settings to establish strong provision for a school population with increasing levels of sensory needs.


Target audience

SENCOs & other leaders of SEND in mainstream schools

Teachers and leaders in specialist schools and settings


Joined virtually by Joanna, Zena and Cole will facilitate this exploratory workshop that challenges some of the myths surrounding sensory strategies.

The Sensory Projects run on the principle that with the right knowledge and a little creativity, inexpensive sensory items can become effective tools for inclusion.

The individual projects that make up The Sensory Projects have won awards and influenced practice nationally and internationally.

This course if for you if …

  • Your pupils use sensory strategies and multi-sensory spaces, but you feel there may be untapped potential in what they have to offer
  • You would like to develop these strategies and spaces and would appreciate some expert guidance
  • You would like to know more about what these strategies have to offer to pupils in your setting

You don’t know what you don’t know about multi-sensory rooms and sensory strategies

Booking details, dates, venues & on-line here


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