Putting the Memory to Work!
Practical strategies to identify children’s difficulties with working memory, strengthen the use of their working memory capacity, and make learning more accessible for them


Preparation for taking part in the online session

Before you take part in the interactive online session, please ensure you have the following resources prepared.

Session 1

Build_a_brain – electronic activity designed to be downloaded to a device



Session 2

QFT working memory

Have 4 coloured pencils/ highlighter pens to hand, each of a different colour (red, orange, blue and green if you have them)


Course evaluation


Slides & handouts

Session 1:

Session 2:


Resources and web links






Example strategy using expanded noun phrases

Blank QFTS template

Understanding QFTS

Cogmed: Cogmed

Memory Fix: Buy Memory Fix Games And Activity Kit | TTS (

Visual and auditory memory skills books from LDA:

Visual memory skills from LDA

Auditory memory skills from LDA


Talking Tins:

Target ladders: working memory and auditory processing




Further reading



Is Working Memory the New IQ

Working memory capacity – facets of a cognitive ability

Working memory capacity explains reasoning ability



Course evaluation



Inclusive Learning Online Portal (ILOP)

Giving Every Teacher the Confidence to be the Teacher of SEND

  • Lesson strategies that promote inclusive teaching and learning in mathematics and English for all pupils, including those with SEND
  • Evidence-based intervention strategies to support gaps in attainment and promote catch-up
  • Strategies rooted in specialist teaching techniques and influenced by latest evidence of what works, adapted for mainstream and intervention classes
  • Printable resources with every strategy
  • Animated PowerPoint slides provided
  • 15% discount on mathematical Cuisenaire® rods
  • Guidance, tools and access to advice for SENCOS
  • Continually up-to-date and relevant
  • The cost is just  £1 per pupil per year

Imagine if an online portal existed with a wealth of guidance, tools and access to advice for SENCOS.

Imagine if it were a place where teachers could have unlimited access to High Quality First Teaching Strategies, giving every teacher the confidence to be the inclusive teacher of all pupils, allowing access and participation by all and ensuring excellent pupil progress.

Imagine if it included a wealth of evidence-based intervention strategies targeting specific objectives of the curriculum that children have not yet mastered.

Imagine if it was offered at a price that any school could afford – large or small!

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