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Inclusive Practice

Inclusive Solutions


Back in the autumn of 2014, I had the great pleasure of being invited to see Colin Newton and Claire Darwin deliver a full-day course on person-centred practices, delivered for teachers in Barnsley. Having embraced solution-focused thinking several years previously, and later adopted person-centred approaches, I was curious to see how others approached these concepts and practices. Colin and his associates have taken these ideas to a level that many may have thought not possible.

Colin Newton and Inclusive Solutions worked with with Zena Martin in the spring term 2018 Forum to deliver ‘Emotional Wellbeing’ and ‘Chairing Meetings’ to the Inclusion Forums. Delegates loved the interactive style and graphics…..see what they said here

Only needs to be short, but highlighting that he was involved with the Forum and how much delegates enjoyed it.

Colin Newton and Derek Wilson are Co-founders and Directors of Inclusive Solutions. Together they have a combined experience of over 65 years experience as educational psychologists working across the UK.

For 15 years since founding Inclusive Solutions they have offered a range of inspiring inclusion oriented services including casework, person centred planning, innovative training and community building. Previously as Principal and Senior strategic Educational Psychologists in Nottingham City LEA, they bring a wealth of practical, applied solutions and processes from their work with children and young people with exceptional needs aged between 0-19.

Together they have written several books such as: Creating Circles of FriendsCircles of AdultsRestorative Solutions, Keys to Inclusion and Person Centred Planning Together.  Inclusive Solutions  is also a small publishing house and has published a number of books for other leading internationally renouned inclusive authors including: Incurably Human, Taking the TimeSeeing the Charade, Quiet Riot and Dear Parents.

They have planted and built Community Circles in Nottingham, Scotland and Suffolk. They continue to co facilitate Nottingham NG Circle which has been running for over 8 years

See Inclusive Solutions full training list for all their current courses.

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Leadership and Management of SEN

Monica Conlon

I had the great pleasure of working collaboratively with Monica Conlon on our SEND Training session focusing on EHCP applications. Monica Conlon is a freelance consultant providing a range of services to schools and colleges to build their capacity to improve SEND outcomes. She undertakes full audits of SEND provision, or smaller audits looking at systems and roles. She facilitates the development of robust SEND processes and provides stand-alone staff training. Prior to her present role, she was a Special Educational Needs Officer for Lancashire County Council providing support and advice to the nurseries, schools and colleges within her catchment area. Her teaching career began over 20 years ago, and she has taught nursery, infant, primary and secondary pupils. She held senior middle leadership roles in two high schools with responsibility for Pupil Achievement across KS3 and redesigning and managing provision for vulnerable groups across KS3 and 4.

Monica can be contacted at [email protected]

Eleanor Hick

I first met Eleanor at a Primary Partnership Conference at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2012. She had already begun working in independent consultancy, having worked for many years as an SEN Advisor for Lancashire County Council, and as a Headteacher prior to that in Salford. Eleanor runs the SENCO Forums and accompanying morning courses in Lancashire and Cumbria, and I have the great pleasure of assisting her with these ever-popular Forums. Eleanor has a vast experience in SEN advice and consultancy and offers a wide range of services.

Incyte International

Our work on Impact and Provision Mapping put us in touch with Malcolm Greenhalgh and, later, Jan Lomas. Incyte International specialises in school and academy improvement services in the UK and abroad providing a wide range of products and consultancy services, including one of the country’s leading online academic tracking programs. Our links with Jan Lomas and Malcolm Greenhalgh at Incyte initiated the development of our venue in Hull, and the further development of the Schools’ Intelligence provision mapping systems.

Schools’ Intelligence

In spring 2015, the SEND Forum discussed the ingredients for good impact and provision maps. This led to the need for mapping to make full use of the ICT capabilities available to us to reduce the time taken by SENCOs, Heads and Inclusion Managers in gathering and inputting data, often several times and for several purposes. Schools’ Intelligence provided us with possibilities and solutions, responding to the ‘Impact! Impact! Impact!‘report and producing software that took the pain out of planning provision and interventions, and identifying the impact of that provision on children’s progress. Schools attending the Inclusion Forum can receive a discounted price from Schools’ Intelligence.

The link to the presentation is ​here.

Autistic Spectrum Condition

Lynn McCann – Reachout ASC

We were delighted to welcome Lynn to our summer term SEND Forum to speak to us about autism in the early years. Lynn McCann is an independent Autism Specialist Consultant based in the North West.  She supports children with ASC and the staff that work with them to make school successful.  She is a trainer, writer and author of “How to support children with ASC in primary school” and “How to support students with ASC in secondary school” both published by LDA 2017.   You can connect with Lynn on twitter @reachoutASC and through her website

Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)

Wendy Lee

Since delivering her presentation on Speech, Language and Communication Needs in the SEND Forum in Autumn 2015, Wendy has become a key point of contact for SLCN for schools in the Inclusion Forum. Wendy Lee Ltd provide direct services, resources and professional development to support children’s speech and language skills. Whether a single intervention, spoken language curriculum, speech and language therapy or a whole school strategic approach, these are all designed to support children’s language skills, including those with speech, language and communication needs.

Wendy qualified as a speech and language therapist 30 years ago and spent many years working in the NHS with children who had speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). She worked in Early Years settings and schools; mainstream, special and resource provision, where she worked with, and learned from some exceptional teachers and wonderful children and young people. She believes wholeheartedly in collaborative working, to ensure time and resource is spent wisely, using robust approaches to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and young people.

For the past 10 years, Wendy has worked in the third sector, initially as a professional advisor for I CAN, the children’s communication charity and subsequently for The Communication Trust, where she had the role of professional director. In addition, she led on the professional content of a national campaign, developed interventions, such as Talk Boost, a targeted intervention for children with language delay, resources for practitioners and programmes of work, such as the Talk of Town, part of a large Educational Endowment Foundation randomised control trial. She also liaised with funders such as the Department of Education and the Paul Hamlyn foundation. Wendy also led on the What Works? evidence base for SLCN, working closely with academic partners and gaining greater insight into research and its translation into practice.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health


Mind Matters

Jane McNeice is a professional trainer in mental health, running her own training company, Mind Matters, which delivers to leading business names in the UK.  She is also an associate trainer for Mental Health First Aid England, delivering a range of MHFA courses, including the 2 day Youth Mental Health First Aid training, and 1 day MHFA for Schools & Colleges courses.

Steve Russell

The spring of 2015 took delegates through Pamela Levin’s theory underlying the Cycle of Development. This was a very successful session, which resonated with many delegates, helping them to understand some of the reasons why children may present with negative or concerning behaviours. Steve Russell’s Behaviour Wall helped us immensely to see the progressing stages of this Cycle of Development.

THRIVE Approach

In Autumn 2016, we welcome Viv Trask-Hall from the Thrive Approach to explain how they use this same underlying theory for whole staff development and training. Thrive helps adults prepare children and young people for life’s emotional ups and downs.​​

The Approach teaches you how to be, and what to do, with children’s differing and sometimes challenging behaviour. As a result, children become more self-assured and ready to engage with life and learning.

Based on neuroscience and attachment research, THRIVE training provides a targeted intervention. All practice is underpinned by Thrive-Online, an assessment tool and extensive action planning resource that charts progress and measures outcomes.

Thrive provides training for professionals who work closely with children and young people from birth to adulthood, and it fully involves parents in the process as well.

Cognition and Learning

A.R.R.O.W. Aural-Read-Record-Oral-Write​

‘Colin Lane has for many years been refining his theory that hearing one’s own voice is a psychological key to much language comprehension and performance, that the cause of some children’s difficulty in learning to read and spell is having an indistinct or unattended ‘self-voice’, and that being able to record and play back their own voices can help some children make good progress. His system uses laptop computers with headphones to provide examples and exercises, and monitor children’s progress through his many-layered program.’ (

I had the great pleasure of meeting with Dr. Lane to find out much more about his work and research, which I was able to present to the SEND Forum during summer 2016, along with the research studies into its effectiveness and impact. A.R.R.O.W. has repeatedly demonstrated remarkable impact on pupil progress in literacy and language.


Orthoptic Specific Learning Difficulties Clinic


Warrington Orthoptic department run a specialised clinic for children in main stream schools with specific learning difficulties. Children are referred into this clinic if they are struggling with reading, writing or if they are falling behind their expected levels at school. During the assessment, we look for any visual problems that may be contributing to any learning difficulties children may have.

Main Contact Information
Orthoptic Department
Kendrick Wing, Warrington Hospital
Lovely Lane
01925 662772
Contact Email:
[email protected]
Contact Person:
Kathryn Whitfield

Barrington Stoke

Barrington Stoke was founded by Patience Thomson and Lucy Juckes, a mother and daughter-in-law team with personal experience of the way that dyslexia can lock children out of the world of books and reading. Together they came up with the idea of books that would open the door to more young people and Barrington Stoke was born. They developed a dyslexia-friendly font, pioneered the use of tinted paper and began to commission short, achievable books from an amazing range of authors including Michael Morpurgo and Malorie Blackman.

I was delighted to invite Mandy Leighton to speak with our Forum about the advantages of Barrington Stoke books for struggling or reluctant readers, and each delegate received a free book to take away. It is rare that a publisher invests so much in getting the presentation and construction of books and writing so specifically right for such readers, and using such high-profile authors who write books exclusively for Barrington Stoke.​

Contact Mandy Leighton on…..07779 045933 …..or e-mail her at [email protected]