Examples of service

  • QA SEND Provision including EHCPs
  • Middle leadership coaching or mentoring
  • Review of assessment and impact on pupil outcomes across subjects
  • Developing strategy for Engagement Profiling

Examples of courses

  • Curriculum through a SEND Lens training programme
  • Coached in school review of curriculum impact on pupils with SEND
  • Writing effective outcomes to inform teacher assessment
  • Using Engagement Profiling to improve curriculum plans

"Subject leaders profile confident evidence to Governor reports about the impact on pupils with SEND."

"Pupils with co-existing diagnoses improved focus and concentration in lessons."

"Teachers identified more specific success criteria to measure progress of pupils beyond the formal curriculum."

Case Studies

Lancashire High School

Use of Cloud based progress tracking with photos and video clips, provided strong evidence for updating EHCP outcomes with LA

Lancashire High School

Action based Research project trialling Engagement Profiling systems, helped pupil with co-morbid conditions to be happier to engage in lessons


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