Examples of service

  • QA and review of LA SEND Self Evaluation
  • Local Authority SEND Team Coaching
  • LA SEND recruitment and interview support
  • Social Care and Health Professional Support with SEND Code of Practice
  • Parent Partnership Coaching and support

Examples of courses

  • What makes an effective LA SEND Data Dashboard?
  • EHCP writing and evaluating induction
  • SEND Lead Induction Programme
  • Evidence based RAG Rating SEND Provision
  • Evidence based intervention advice to support writing EHCP outcomes

"LA improved use of SEND data to plan provision in a more pro-active than re-active way."

"Quality of EHCPs seen to be improved by parents, teachers and young people."

"LA SEND review report provided clear and progressive training programme for LA SEND Team."

Case Studies

LA SEND Team Review

Review of LA SEND Team led to implementation of a more robust appraisal and training process for writing Education Health Care Plans.

LA SEND Review

LA SEND review led to creation of data base enabling SEND Leaders to plan SEND provision across the authority.


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