Examples of service

  • Evaluating Impact of Curriculum for disadvantaged pupils
  • Developing 3-5 year PP Strategy
  • Building curriculum to raise aspirations for adult life
  • Developing social emotional curriculum
  • Systems for identifying inequalities and disadvantage (beyond Government data)

Examples of courses

  • Raising ambitions for all pupils
  • Equalities Duties and use of resources
  • Improving emotional self-regulation
  • Pupil centred planning and problem solving
  • See a need, meet a need – overcoming social barriers to learning

"Primary and Secondary schools developed a longer term 3-5 year strategy for use of PP funding."

"Class teachers more aware of the assessed learning needs and intervention strategies for disadvantaged pupils."

"Key worker approach in Secondary improved parental engagement and improved attendance of PP pupils."

Case Studies

Lancashire Secondary School

Review of the PP strategy led to a longer term sustainable QA system being put into place, that class teachers say is helpful to inform their lesson planning.


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