SEND in the Mainstream Classroom – November 2020

SEND in the Mainstream Classroom 2020 – Online
An introduction to including pupils with SEND in the mainstream primary classroom.


Aims of the course

  • To clarify understanding of what special educational need is, and what it is not.
  • To begin to understand some of the cognitive processes involved in learning, and what they might look like in practice.
  • To understand a range of practical teaching and learning strategies that enable all learners to achieve in mainstream lessons.
  • To appreciate some of the reasonable adjustments that might be made to enable access to the curriculum.
  • To critically evaluate some of the components of an inclusive lesson, and the strategies that might be employed.

Target audience

  • Primary class teachers, new and experienced
  • Training primary teachers


This course is based on the premise that excellent provision for pupils with SEND starts from a Quality First Teaching basis.

Zena will examine what is required and expected of teachers in the Code of Practice, what causes some children to struggle with learning in the classroom, particularly those external barriers to learning that can present in the environment. We explore a range of practical teaching and learning strategies that can help teachers reduce and eliminate many of those barriers and start to appreciate when Quality First Teaching requires some reasonable adjustments. The message given is that inclusive classrooms don’t have to be difficult to create or hard to manage, that if you can facilitate successful progress in pupils with SEND, you are likely to be seeing good progress from the rest of your class, and that high expectations of pupils with SEND are the crucial underpinning of success.


Dates and time

Part 1 – Thursday 19th November – online – 1:30 – 4:30pm

Part 2 – Monday 23rd November 2020 – online – 1:30 – 4:30pm






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