Social, Emotional & Mental Health

Developing Emotion Coaching Culture

Aims of the course

We will be exploring:

  • Pros and cons of behaviourist behaviour management
  • Why Emotion Coaching ?
  • What is Emotion Coaching ?
  • How to develop an Emotion Coaching Culture
  • Evidence of impact and research underpinning the approach
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Emotional Well-being

‘Develop a deeper understanding of children’s emotional needs’

This course is delivered in partnership between Inclusive Solutions and Inclusive Learning North and as such is subject to different rates. Please e-mail us for further details.

This course gives an opportunity to focus on the emotional needs of children and young people and how to meet these. We lift the lid on an emerging urgent inclusion issue, meeting the emotional well-being of all children. We need to find ways to allow children to unclench their hearts and learn to experience, process, communicate and manage their own emotional lives for their own and for the good of the wider community. 


Aims of the course:      

  • Increased understanding of emotional needs
  • Access to a wider range of practical strategies to impact on meeting emotional and behaviour problems
  • Deeper understanding of core values surrounding inclusion
  • Opportunity to reflect on professional attitudes and behaviour towards children and their emotional challenges
  • New skills and processes to make emotionally challenged children’s inclusion and achievement more successful
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Understanding Anxiety in Children

Aims of the course

  • This course explores:
    • What is anxiety?
    • When should we be concerned about it?
    • How can we increase children’s resilience to reduce the possibility of them becoming anxious?
    • How can we best support children with anxiety?
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