Training DVD’s

Training DVDs

Maths – Removing the Barriers!

The importance of visualisation in numeracy teaching.

The significance of maintaining good concrete and visual representations for children throughout their mathematical education.​ 

During this high-quality presentation, Zena Martin will identify why some children find it difficult to grasp mathematical concepts, and what can be done within a quality first teaching context to address these difficulties and remove some of the barriers.

It is presented with a range of practical strategies for all primary ages. 

The DVD comes complete with notes, downloads, links and guidance for you to deliver quality in-house CPD digital training to staff with maximum impact and flexibility, and minimal preparation and cost​. Please note that for the best training experience, additional resources, not least Cuisenaire Rods, will need to be assembled prior to the session (see ‘Setting up….’ below).

Course Aims:

To appreciate how children learn mathematical concepts and why they might fail.
To explore the use of concrete materials and pictorial representations to generate secure mathematical understanding.

Aimed at:

Teachers, SENCOS, maths subject-leads, Inclusion Managers, teaching assistants.​



Watch the short trailer below:

Staff have said the training provided by Zena on maths was fantastic and the videos were brilliant too” – Deputy Headteacher, Cheshire

The DVD is available at just £99 plus vat including postage and packing.

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Setting up and getting the most from your in-house CPD training session​

The DVD enables school leaders to provide high quality in-house CPD digital training to staff with maximum impact and flexibility, and minimal preparation and cost. 

Following the simple tips below on setting up and printing/collecting resources, will help to ensure your training runs smoothly and has the greatest impact on future practice.

Guide to setting up and getting the most from your video CPD training session

​You can decide whether you want to present your training during one half-day INSET session (2 and a half hours); or two shorter sessions (1 hour and 15 minutes each), perhaps covering two staff meetings. The DVD is presented in two parts, allowing flexibility to suit your requirements. Although it is possible to watch the training without engaging in any active participation, it is strongly recommended that you do give staff access to the resources specified, to ensure maximum engagement, participation and impact. Most resources will be already available in school, or can be downloaded from the disc. Cuisenaire rods are required for this course, and can be purchased from:


Cuisenaire – replacement rods

Viga mini sets of rods can be purchased at:

Viga rods

Resources you will need to assemble beforehand to be able to undertake a rewarding interactive session:

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