Feedback From Delegates

“This is my 1st year accessing Inclusive Learning North CPD and I have to say I have found it to be the most well-planned and resourced course I have ever accessed. The hidden web pages are invaluable. Thank you so much”  Anon – March 2021

Definitely the most inspiring Zoom course I have been on, could even say most inspiring course! The practical ideas and breakout rooms were great on reflect on our own practice.  I implemented working memory targets that day after the course. Thank you 🙂 – Anon – Nov 2020

“This is the best CPD I ever go on!” Deputy Head/SENCO – Rochdale

“We had Ofsted in June and got ‘good’ – they loved our SEN practices, which can be attributed to help from you!” – Deputy Head/SENCO  – St Helens

Feedback from delegates to our past Inclusion Forums (2018-2021):

  • “One of the best training courses I have ever been on; enjoyable and practical. Loved it!”
  • “Amazing! I could listen to you speak forever! Thank you!”
  • “Fantastic session. Everything explained well, good pace and interactive”
  • “Brilliant as always, will revise all staff and refresh ideas – can’t wait to share with staff”
  • “Engaging compared with other courses I have been on”
  • “Brilliant information which is relevant to what I need in school”
  • “I feel equipped with handouts & online support to cascade back to staff”
  • “I always feel inspired and empowered after these sessions”
  • “Amazing!! The clarity was so refreshing, enlightening and emboldening”
  • “Fab as ever”
  • “Really informative & easy to digest”
  • “Lots of really good ideas that are easy to transfer to class”
  • “I loved it! Thanks”
  • “Zena is so knowledgeable – thank you!”
  • “My first course – really enjoyed it”
  • “Excellent presentation and delivery”
  • “Genuine substantial impact”
  • “Fabulous/inspiring – thank you!”
  • “Excellent. Hidden web-page has lots of resources I will be able to use”
  • “Gets to the heart of what to do when children struggle”
  • “Zena is fabulous, her passion really comes through and is inspiring”
  • “Great level of supportive, intelligent, well-informed, compassionate information”
  • “Extremely informative (as always) with sound practical advice that I can use in the workplace”
  • “Great ideas and resources to take back to school and deliver to staff”
  • “Delivery was very clear, knowledgeable and interesting with lots of good signposting”
  • “Practical – therefore useful and easier to remember”
  • “Excellent, engaging, hands-on and fun! – Thank you.
  • “Super…..Inspired!”
  • “Loved it. Feels very manageable to deliver back at school”
  • “A wealth of information”
  • “Everything feels/seems achievable!”
  • “Many sources of information that can be followed up – takes the hard work out of identifying!”
  • “Zena always presents well and comes across professionally and knowledgeable”
  • “Interesting and engaging delivery. Formality and pace just right with the right level of content for practitioners”
  • “Perfect balance of listening and doing”
  • “All pertinent. I always take away something to act on and develop”
  • “Excellent all round. Useful and purposeful”
  • “Relaxed yet professional and productive”
  • “Very useful and practical…..worth every penny!”
  • “Engaging, timely and useful (as always)”
  • “Lots of information that is useful and valuable”
  • “Good pace, clear, practical”
  • “Excellent”
  • “Good mix of slides and practical activities”
  • “Top notch!”
  • “Well delivered and very informative – great ideas to take back to school and share with staff”
  • “Inspirational as ever!”
  • “Zena is very knowledgeable, knows her field and is a breath of fresh air that lets you know you are doing the job for the right reasons”
  • “Zena’s knowledge and amazing presentation skills with the right balance of input from lead and interactive activities”
  • “Wonderful – lots to put into practice”
  • “Excellent presentation. Lots of strategies to take back to school”
  • “Great resources and love the interactive discussions”
  • “I will be delivering all I have learnt today in a staff meeting”
  • “Brilliant mix of information, delivery and hands-on activities”
  • “Fantastic! Well organised, well delivered and very informative”
  • “Extremely informative based on research and good practice with really good examples”
  • “Fantastic advice that is practical and appropriate to implement in school with realisation that small changes can make big differences”
  • “Very friendly comfortable atmosphere and really enjoyable”
  • “Absolutely excellent course!”
  • “Fantastic course – really compliments work in school”
  • “Very engaging…I always enjoy your sessions”
  • “Great course – lots of very relevant information – thank you”
  • “Fabulous as always”
  • “Excellent presentation at a good pace”
  • “Information that can be translated into good practice in school – thank you”
  • “Excellent, friendly, supportive”
  • “Wonderful, engaging, informative course”
  • “Practical and visual tasks worked well with research behind and step-by-step diagrams”
  • “Informative and pacey”
  • “Lots of ideas and good to hear what is happening across other schools and nationally”
  • “Lots of incredibly useful information and strategies – thank you”
  • “Super as always”
  • “Extremely relevant training”
  • The delivery was from a point of experience and understanding that is both inspiring and practical too – thank you.
  • Great content and delivery – engaging and interesting.
  • A wealth of resources available to access
  • These sessions are invaluable.
  • Up to date relevant information that will assist me in improving practice in my setting.
  • Practical, engaging. looking forward to the next one!
  • Very informative – a friendly relaxed forum where views discussed are taken into account.
  • Much needed excellent advice and tips.
  • Updates are very useful.
  • Great tips….will be attending next time.
  • “Super! I am hoping to invite you to into my school to inspire the whole staff”
  • “Fabulous! Time well spent & enjoyable!”
  • “Wonderful as always – thank you”
  • “Lovely, reassuring delivery of materials in a thoroughly enjoyable session”
  • “An excellent day”
  • ” Fun and interactive that encouraged reflection”
  • “All really useful with practical resources”
  • “An excellent session….interactive useful and very, very useful”
  • “Brilliant and insightful – thank you”
  • “Fab delivery and guest speaker. A packed day with learning and laughter”.
  • “Using own experiences and emotional intelligence to unpick the root behind behaviour in children”
  • “Great training – thank you”
  • “The content and pace of the course was excellent”
  • “A great course….I thoroughly enjoyed it”
  • “Given me a greater focus on behaviour and the meaning behind this with solutions to help”
  • “Everything was most useful – thank you”
  • “A very engaging session”
  • “Very insightful”
  • “Seeing the graphics used and how these could be adapted to my practice”
  • “Very Insightful”
  • “Full of great ice-breakers”
  • “Excellent content”
  • “Chairing meetings was so useful. Great to be able to have a ‘fly on the wall’ view. I will definitely be using the strategies!”
  • “Superb! Lots of new ideas and elements of training to take back”
  • “How to examine chairing meetings and how to deal with tricky situations”
  • “Really informative – a great chance to discuss with SENDCO’s from different clusters and LA’s”
  • “The practical elements of the course kept interest high and enjoyable”
  • “Thank you – a very useful, resourceful and practical day”
  • “Looking a chairing meetings from the ‘outside-in’ was most useful”
  • “Some good ideas for staff meetings”
  • “The ‘every teacher is a teacher of SEN’ is a great tool to deliver to staff”
  • “I always love the SEND Updates….as I leave with a focus to drive through school”.
  • “All extremely useful – will be using resources and slides provided to deliver INSET and CPD to staff”
  • “A fantastic course – to be recommended”
  • “Fantastic as ever! Zena makes our SENCO life much easier!!”
  • “Some top tips for the classroom”
  • “Fantastic course, so much information given I can share with other members in school”
  • “Practical advice and activities that can be easily incorporated”
  • “Really interesting and informative”
  • “Super-practical ideas to put in place in the classroom”
  • “Brought EAL back to the front of my mind”
  • “Lots of ideas for all pupils”
  • “Engaging session”
  • “Really engaging and fun!”
  • “Really enlightening – something new”
  • “We don’t have any EAL children but lots of great ideas for all children” 
  • “Very engaging”
  • “Practical activities and ideas which can be so quickly implemented by all”
  • “Very interesting and helpful. Clearly explained”
  • “Made me think form the side of the EAL child/person”
  • “All excellent. Loads to take back to school and share”
  • “So helpful”
  • “Hands on, interactive with some excellent ‘thinking points
  • “Excellent as always – informative, relevant and ready to take away and implement”
  • “Fantastic resources advised and background information supplied”
  • “Lots of great ideas and information to reflect on and implement in school”
  • “Great information, ideas and resources for mental heath education”
  • “The Mental Health session, the updates and resources were great!”
  • “Always so relevant, current and useful”
  • “Lovely solution and way to deal with bullying”
  • “Fitted in perfectly with the priority for our SDP in school”
  • “Great practical advice”
  • “SEP log – marvellous idea!”
  • “SEP logs are fantastic….thank-you Zena!”
  • “SEP logs – a very easy and time saving system to store all SEN paperwork in an efficient way”
  • “Practical strategies for children in regards to to mental health and how best to support”
  • “Mind Matters and how to introduce across the school”
  • “Practical solution-focused strategies”
  • “Lots of useful resources and ideas”
  • “SEP logs – just what I need!”
  • “Strategies for bullying will be very useful. We have previously used restorative justice but this seems more positive”
  • “The idea of the SEP plan was really interesting “Useful activity ideas on well-being”
  • “Mental health tools to use with children and the practical ideas for dealing with bullying were most useful”
  • “Really lovely atmosphere and lots of useful information”

Other comments about our Inclusion Forums:

​​​​​​​​​​​​99.6% of delegates attending our Forums said they were ‘very likely‘ to recommend the Forum to a colleague.​​

…so what did the other 0.4% say??…‘probably’!! 




“All the course was amazing” – SENCO, Salford

“The updates help me get ready for OFSTED” – Assistant Head/SENCO, Manchester

“Very relevant to our school, lots to take back, fab hidden webpage and resources to look at. Brilliant” – SENCO, Cheshire

“Inspirational course – thank you!” – SENCO, Hull

“Very clear explanations, hands on practical, good schemes to use, lots of examples and ideas” – TA, Cheshire

“Really informative – exactly what I’ve been trying to find” – EYFS Teacher, Salford

“Very useful with lots of practical and handy options to take back and implement” – SENCO, Salford

Staff have said the training provided by Zena on maths was fantastic and the videos were brilliant too” – Deputy Headteacher and SENCO, Cheshire​

“I have learnt lots to take back to try at school and disseminate to staff” – Assistant Head, Hull

“Lots of great ideas which can be implemented in the classroom immediately” – Subject Leader, Cheshire

“Fabulous and informative. Updates and invaluable knowledge and research that Zena produces to help me fulfil my role” – Inclusion Manager, Salford

“Very clear, engaging, concise with practical advice and resources” – Headteacher, Salford

“I came away with lots of useful and valuable resources to use both with mainstream and SEN children” – SEN TA

“I found Zena very supportive and approachable” – SENCO, Hull

“I always enjoy your training – all useful -as always! – Teacher, Warrington

“Thorough knowledge delivered in an interesting and accessible way” – Deputy/SENCO, Cheshire

“ILN courses are always very worthwhile and full of thought provoking content” – Deputy, Salford

“Always good, the hidden webpages are extremely useful” – SENDCO, Warrington

“Very useful and easy to follow” – Inclusion Lead, Oldham

“I knew nothing, but learnt everything” – TA, Cheshire

“As always, this keeps me in the loop. Lots of ideas. Engaging as always” – SENDCO, Rochdale​

“Great session – lots of info shared in a short time” – Deputy Head, Wigan

“Simple resources that we already have in school with great ideas to support children’s development and understanding” – Assistant Head, Calderdale

“The broad range of fantastic suggestions as to how practical resources can be used. An excellent session full of relevant ideas and suggestions. Very enjoyable!” – Assistant Head, Rochdale

“Fantastic presentation by Zena – really useful, practical resources to bring to the classroom” – Inclusion Manager, Wakefield

“Very practical and useful ideas” – SENCO, Blackburn

“Really looking forward to going back to school to share the ideas with staff and children” – SENCO, Cheshire

“Brilliantly delivered – loads we can take back to school. Brilliant to be sign-posted to other useful resources too” – Unit Leader, Rochdale

“Great ideas and downloads to share with staff at school” – SENDCO, Kirklees

“Very informative and intersting as always” – Inclusion Manager, Calderdale

“Really inspired” – SENCO, Hull

“Excellent delivery and very informative. The right balance between teaching and practical” – Educational TA, Kirklees

“Great pace and level of interaction” – Intervention Teacher, Sefton

“Best course to date – thank you” – Inclusion Lead, Oldham.

“Brilliant……engaging, concise, fun, and of course, multi-sensory!” – Headteacher, Salford

“Really enjoyed it….lots of understanding behind it and practical ideas. I can see this making a huge difference to lesson planning and teaching and learning” – Deputy Headteacher and Assessment Leader, Wakefield.

“Fab….as always! Great activities which really clarified the messages” – INCO, Sefton

“Very well presented and interactive…kept me engaged and focused” – Teacher, Halton

“Excellent!….I have never been to one of your courses before but I will be back” – Inclusion Manager, Calderdale.

“Excellent resources, really appreciate the e-copies of the presentation so I can share it back in school” – SENCO, Sefton

“Professional and clearly someone who is still in touch with school life and pressures on teachers” – SENCO, Warrington

“Fantastic Course!….It is really useful that you can access (on-line) all the supporting materials” – EYFS Leader/SENCO, St Helens.

“Excellent – relevant and useful!” – Deputy Headteacher, Oldham

“Inspirational….course tutor brilliant” – Senior Leader, Wakefield

“Good, practical knowledge but embedded in strong theory” – Deputy Headteacher, Sefton.

“First time on this training – loved it! Very informative” – Deputy Headteacher/SENCO, Liverpool.

“Fantastic information – will pass on to rest of school. Very clear and informative….like the idea of having all the resources online” – Y1 teacher, Calderdale.

“Amazing as usual” – SENCO, Rochdale.

“Both sessions were excellent – thank you. Given lots of ways to move forward – the children, staff and myself” – Inclusion Manager, Calderdale.

“Relevant and up to date content with very professional delivery” – SENCO, Hull

“Excellent content and delivery” – SENCO, Halton.

“Excellent delivery and balance of input/discussion/visuals. New information and up-to-date. Will come again” – Deputy Headteacher and SENCO, Cheshire. 

“This is the highlight of my term!” – Deputy Headteacher and SENCO, St Helens

“Very interesting and has motivated me to implement in my teaching. Delivery outstanding!” – Foundation Stage Teacher, Wakefield.

“I’ve found this so useful to update/refresh/see a way forward” – SENCO, Blackburn.

“Fabulous – loved this course. Thank-you – I feel inspired and invigorated” – Deputy Headteacher and SENCO, St Helens.

“The course was structured and delivered in such a way that it was clear, succinct and very useful” – SENCO, Sefton

“Very inclusive, well presented and enjoyable. Informative. Good balance of activities and well resourced” – SENCO, Wakefield.

“Thank you for a very informative afternoon. Good to come away from a SEN course less confused than when I arrived for once” – SENCO, Calderdale.

“A super day….extremely useful! Enlightening!” – SENCO,  Halton

“Really useful and inspiring” – Inclusion Manager, Hull.

“Very inspiring course – lots of ideas to ensure lessons are inclusive to all learners” – SENCO, Cheshire

“Loved it – really made me realise how I can support children and families etc. much, much, much better” – Headteacher, Blackburn.

“Brilliant as ever! Thank you. Very relevant to now.” – SENCO, Sefton

“Cannot put a value on this….brilliant professional development.” – SENCO, Oldham

“Interesting, interactive and drawn from examples or real life” – SENDCO, Warrington

“Fantastic” – Deputy Headteacher, Cheshire

“Wonderful – clear, purposeful & entertaining.” – SEN teacher, Sefton

“Engaging, intersting and fun…but with a vital message to improve whole school teaching” – SENCO, Warrington

 Brilliant – fab content & inspirational” – SENCO, St Helens

“Fantastic course. Can’t wait for the next one.” – SENCO, Sefton

“The course content was so vitally important – I feel clued up about the current SEN climate & what is expected of me within my role.” – Deputy Headteacher, Rochdale

“Inspiring as always” – SENDCO, Warrington

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