Leadership & Management Of SEND

Chairing Meetings 

Essential for all who ever have to chair a meeting……as meetings can be dreadful and bad chairing makes them worse!

This course is delivered in partnership between Inclusive Solutions and Inclusive Learning North and as such is subject to different rates. Please contact us for further details.

In this course we look at transformational person centred approaches to approaching the chairing of meetings. We provide deeper insights into the psychological processes that make this role challenging. ‘Best Saves’ for those really difficult moments when chairing meetings are creatively explored. We provide a practical, skill based and creative approach.

Aims of the course:            

  • To identify characteristics of meetings that matter- what excellent chairing looks like
  • To strengthen person centred dimensions to chairing meetings
  • To create a visual graphic and words that uniquely illuminate what great meetings and chairing looks like
  • To explore the various hats that group members and chairs can wear
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Curriculum through the SEND Lens

Aims of the course

  • For SEND and subject leaders to understand the key principles in:
    • planning inclusive content in their subjects
    • identifying inclusive teaching strategies in their subjects
    • ensuring pupils with SEND can access key subject vocabulary
  • For subject leaders (supported by SENCOs) to be able to evaluate the impact of their subject on pupils with SEND
  • For leaders to know their next steps in ensuring the curriculum for all pupils with SEND is made accessible and meaningful
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Ensuring a Successful System of Performance Management for Teaching Assistants

Aims of the course

  • To understand the place of PM for support staff within the context of school improvement and wider agendas.
  • To know how to use PM to lead to clear improvements in pupil outcomes.
  • To be able to use agreed standards effectively within a PM structure.
  • To be able to ensure that PM structures lead to improved professional skills, attitudes and practice.
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Leading the Best Inclusive Practice for SEND

How inclusive are we now? What does outstanding inclusive practice look like for pupils with SEND? How do we get there? How do we know when we’ve arrived?

Aims of the course

We will be exploring:

  • Examples of best SEND inclusion practice
  • Identification – assessment and screening
  • SEND leadership and what should be the focus
  • Quality 1stteaching vs Wave intervention
  • Best use of spending and LSA / TA support
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Positive Peer SEND Reviews: Just how inclusive are you?

A model of SEND Peer Review that is supportive and challenging to find positive, helpful and tangible steps to improving provision for all, including pupils with SEND.

 Aims of the course

  • To understand how to create a review culture that is both professionally positive and challenging.
  • To provide a process to create sound evidence base for developing inclusive practice in class teaching.
  • To empower schools and teachers to positively feedback on strengths and improvements in inclusive practice.
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